A Modest Angler's Experiences

You don't get to my age without picking up a few things along the way; an extremely patient family*, a distressing complex about the size of your ears, debts...that sort of thing. But as a self-deprecating angler with an obscenely optimistic streak, you also pick up stories, emotional scars and just a smidgeon of actually useful knowledge. And the odd fish too, of course.

* PS. The family are mine. I didn't just find them at a bus station. 


Life On The Edge

There may be no need to stress about how far out to sea you can throw a fly... Look for life on the edge - what you find may amaze you!

Portuguese Pescaria

Portugal doesn't seem to feature as a worthy saltwater flyfishing destination...it should!

Go With The Flow!

If you're new to saltwater flyfishing, knowing quite literally where to start is the big question!

Matt Powell, Wales' Guiding Gourmet Chef

Welsh bass fishing guide Matt Powell will put you on the fish...but he can also take you on a unique and fabulous culinary journey too!

The Lazy Mullet

Want more mullet on the fly? Think Lazy - a guide to understanding mullet feeding.

Cuba's Cayo Cornucopia

the consequence of so few boats plying the waters of Cuba for so many decades? Well, for the visiting angler, the fishing is utterly epic!

Change is good...The evolving shrimp

Mulleteers (as we call ourselves) tend to lean towards sharing our pain. And our successes too - a big part of which are our fly patterns.

Cuba Libre

I struck into a fish which turned out to be a 2-3lb jack, but as I started to retrieve the line, a 7ft shark suddenly burst onto the scene

Venture to Fuerteventura

it was Fuerteventura’s stunning, silver-blue, jet black-finned Palometa that gave me a flyfishing fun experience to rival any tropical flats

Fat Lady? What Fat Lady...?

unless you have a burning desire to visit Ireland via the cheapest route possible, using a float-tube in the Bristol channel is ill advised


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