A Modest Angler's Experiences

You don't get to my age without picking up a few things along the way; an extremely patient family*, a distressing complex about the size of your ears, debts...that sort of thing. But as a self-deprecating angler with an obscenely optimistic streak, you also pick up stories, emotional scars and just a smidgeon of actually useful knowledge. And the odd fish too, of course.

* PS. The family are mine. I didn't just find them at a bus station. 


The Last Gasp

Ten minutes in, another brutal take, and this was undeniably...unbelievably...bigger! This was an out and out wrestling match

Joe & The Coho

As Pacific salmon species go, this is the one with serious anger management issues that tends to go off like a small thermonuclear device...

The Lob Of Faith

I couldn’t quite believe what I was being told to do, especially as the Javelin had never been a strong track & field event for me at school


The little girl, sitting on her father’s shoulders had her hand to her mouth. I distinctly heard the words “Daddy…will the fishy be OK?”


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